Edna Floretta

conceptual, video, and performance artist

Edna Floretta is known in her small Ohio village as “Hilda’s Granddaughter”

Who was Hilda ? She was a very large breasted waitress who smoked and

cursed like a truck driver ………. her parents came to the United States from

the country of Syria. She was beloved by all who knew her, because she

” told it like it was “.


Edna Floretta deconstructs herself and life through music,poetry,video,writing,and art. She pays homage to Frida Kahlo. Anne Sexton. And Karen Finley in her relentless sass and wit and tears rummaged from her female life. Her videos have been seen in New York, Berkeley, San Francisco, Toledo Museum of Art, Portugal, Hungary, and Belgrade Serbia. She has been included in the Smoking Poet Zine. And featured video art on Saatchi website. Not to mention she designed the Police badge and her uncles demolition derby cars in her small town. And two trophies from county fair. Twirling Bataan as one half of the Red Hot Sweet Hearts